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Sheep mobile

Sheep mobile

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Handmade baby mobile. 5 little wooden sheep covered with merino wool and leather ears, hang from a delicately balanced frame made of wooden sticks. This type of mobile will move even with the slightest breeze, so baby really has something to look at.

The tiny sheep measure 6 cm (2.4") long and 4 cm (1.6") high, see picture with my hand for scale. Total height approx. 60 cm (24"), total width approx. 22 cm (9")

Although this is an item designed for decorating a nursery, please make sure that babies can never touch or reach the mobile. It is NOT a toy and should not be used like one.

Choose your own colors for the sheep if you like, or go for the neutral palette the pictures show.
Made to order, so it takes a little time to process (1-2 weeks).

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