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Set of 10 sheep ornaments

Set of 10 sheep ornaments

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This set of 10 wooden sheep Christmas tree ornaments with woolly fleece hang from a 20 cm (8") cord. It is the perfect sustainable wooden Christmas tree decoration. I use no new materials, so shopping with me doesn't leave a big footprint.

This stylish and cute spirit animal sheep totem is a great gift for sheep lovers, minimalist tree decor or Christmas ornament collectors! The symbolism of sheep as spirit animal or totem animal includes innocence, gentleness and the ability to work towards self-acceptance.

Measures 8 cm long, 5,5 cm high and approx 3 cm wide. (3" x 2" x 1.3")

I ship worldwide within 3-5 workdays for a flat rate of € 4.50 (NL), € 5.00 (EU), € 5.50 (ROW)

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